Corporate Meetings

Corporate Retreats Have Front Row Seat On the Atlantic

The Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant (circa 1924), prominently positioned on the dunes of the Atlantic Ocean, has opened their historic Hotel and Rooftop for select small corporate retreats. Their clients can enjoy the entire 3rd floor exclusively as the Casa Marina staff assures them professional personalized attention with a bonus…oceanfront vistas.

How often does the top team of your company get away from the office for a corporate retreat?  Or any type of corporate meetings? You work daily under pressure with little chance to spend quality time with your colleagues. If your objectives are getting to know each other better, building a team to work harmoniously, being more innovative or getting to work on strategies, you will achieve so much more if you get away, change your environment to the ocean and let us provide the perfect setting. We specialize in small, exclusive groups who are anxious to enjoy uninterrupted time in a tranquil setting. We believe in confidentiality so that you can relax and reflect.

Boardroom, conference-style and customized seating will be individually designed, including the covered outside veranda- a great place to break with a panoramic ocean view. If a change of venue is required, the grand salon dining room or the outdoor oceanfront veranda/courtyard are also an option for lunch or breaks.

To inquire please contact Rebekah Blakely
Phone (904) 270-0025